Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fair Trade Stocking Stuffers

I recently went shopping online for some fair trade stocking stuffers (at our house, both kids and adults get goodies in their stockings) and I figured I might as well share some ideas with you all since I'd already done the legwork. :-)

Friendship Bracelet Trio from Trade As One, $12.00

No stocking would be complete without chocolate!
These Organic, Vegan, Fair Trade Peanut Butter Bites ($0.65 each) are my favorite indulgence from my favorite chocolatier, Sjaaks!

I think these Madero Mod Mirrors would please anyone from young to old - from Global Girlfriends, $12.00

How about a sweet barrette from The Hunger Site for just $2.95?

I know gelt is a Hanukkah thing and I'm talking about Christmas stockings here, but to me (and my five-year-old son), gelt is festive and fun no matter what holiday we're celebrating.
Hanukkah Gelt from Sweet Earth Chocolates, $7.50 for a bag of 15 pieces

This Galaxy Bracelet, also from Trade As One, was very popular at my gift party last weekend - it's prettier in person than in the photo, $19.50 (matching necklace also available).

For the tea aficionado in your house, how about some loose leaf Masala Chai from Art of Tea? $10.00 for 3 oz. (approx. 45 cups) - this is one of my personal faves.

I'll let you in on a little secret - Santa's definitely going to be leaving this adorable Rosebud Bracelet in my stocking this year! On sale for $11.40, also from Trade As One.

My son loooves his hackey sacks from UPAVIM Crafts, and they are just $3.50 each!

Of course, gift certificates are always a popular choice for stockings, and most fair trade sellers offer them. To select from a list of my favorite fair trade retailers, just head to the right hand margin here on the blog and check under the heading "Some of my Favorite Fair Trade Online Shops".

And finally, what stocking would be complete without some candy canes?
Organic Candy Canes by Pure Fun at Natural Candy Store, $3.99 for a box of 12

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