Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fair Trade Christmas Ornaments

The holiday season has provided me with a generous bounty of blog post ideas! Today let's talk about Christmas tree ornaments - they are fun, inexpensive, and everyone loves them. Buy them for your own tree and grab a few more to decorate the tops of your packages with this year! Here are some of my favorites -

Peacock ornament with traditional zardozi beading and embroidery from India.
(There are many other beautiful animal designs also available from Greenheart.)

Beaded reindeer ornament from MayaWorks.

Ceramic star ornaments from Partners for Just Trade.

Blue lotus ornament from SERRV (tons more cute designs here!).

Resplendent Rooster Ornament from SERRV
(note to hubby: I want one pretty please!)

Gold Star Garland from Trade As One

Haitian Straw Stars from One World Project

Llama Christmas Ornament made from reclaimed rubber from DIGS

Hummingbird Gourd Ornament from TurningLife

Hand Embroidered Ornaments from Unity Fair Trade Marketplace

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