Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fair Trade Photo Frames

I'm the type who likes to get my Christmas shopping done early. I prefer to spend the last couple of weeks before the holiday doing fun things like baking, decorating, and visiting - not stressing about gift giving. So it's no surprise that I'm already on the hunt for the perfect gifts, and also not surprising to know that I'm incorporating a lot of fair trade ideas this year.

Today my search was for fair trade photo frames. As usual, I'll be gifting framed photos of my son to a lot of relatives this year, but I wanted to find something a little more unique than in years past. I thought I'd share the results of my search with you here.

Shwse Shwse Picture Frame from Global Exchange, $28.00

Bicycle Chain Picture Frame from Ten Thousand Villages, $20.00

Blessed Memories Frame from Ten Thousand Villages, $28.00

Rolled Paper Frame from Ten Thousand Villages, $16.00

Shesham Picture Frame from Fair Trade Winds, $23.00

Interlocking Picture Frame from 7Loaves, $17.95

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